PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When things turn, they turn fast

About 10 days ago Addisyn woke up with a cough and yellow secretions. By the end of the evening, I was taking her to the ER again. She was imediately admitted because she was working to breathe. She spent a few days in the PICU and I was expecting the worst, however this time she did fare rather well. She was home within 3 days and antibiotics. Our pediatrician also gave us a script for Tamiflu in case anyone around here gets sick. Lucky for us, we haven't seen any Swine Flu in the immediate area. We were told that if she were to get sick, she probably wouldn't do well.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Why me?

As I sit here and read some bad news about a little girl I have been following for quite some time, I wonder, "Why me"? Addisyn too was born at 28 weeks, a miracle in itself. Born at a scrawny 3 lbs 3.7 oz, at that time, I wondered "Why me". Well, now this little girl isn't doing so well, like many times before, but now her parents really think they will have to say goodbye this time, and still I wonder, why me? Because of her, I know how fortunate I am to have this precious little gift. I wonder why am I so fortunate to have this little miracle in my life. I wonder why things have went so well and why she always bounces back. I will never know why I have been so fortunate, but I know I will embrace every moment with my daughter. I know the value behind every smile, every bottle, every dr visit and every morning that I am able to wake up and be with her. I even embraced those dreaded nightime feedings, because I know how it could have been me. Most people will ask why me, when blessed with a tiny, helpless baby such as Addisyn, and many more will ask why me, when they have to sign the consent for a life changing surgury, like a tracheostomy. What many people don't know, is that they have been blessed with their very own miracle. Sure, miracles happen and we hear about them, but how wonderful is it to be blessed with your very own miracle and to be able to witness it every day of your life? I will never take for granted a smile, her first steps, her first words, those little brief squeeks of vacalizations. Every day, I wake up and embrace my little girl, because I am lucky to have this day with her.