PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look Ma, No O's!

That's right no O's! We ha ve been weaning Addisyn from her oxygen and it has been going pretty well. She went a good part of the day with no supplemental oxygen yesterday and the majority of the day today. She was satting 95 on room air. I have had to put her on a little while napping today, but we are off to a start.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Trip to Visit Some Friends

We took a trip back to Chandler Regional to visit some friends. Addisyn and I walked through the same doors that I walked through 5 months ago when she was born. The last time I walked through those doors, we were taking Addisyn to Banner Desert. She was very sick and intubated on a vent. I will never forget that day. Everything is pretty much the same, but this time Addisyn was mine. She was coming and leaving with me. It was such a great feeling. They gave me some supplies because I was running out on some things. We got to see a lot of her nurses and they were of course happy to see her. Dr Z kept rubbing her head. Things have fallen into place. We have a system down and life is much easier. It isn't much different than taking care of any other baby.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cootie Season is Coming to an End

First Pulmonologist appt & almost there

We finally made it to the pulmonologists office yesterday. We changed about everything. He had us downsize her trach back to a 3.5 to give her a leak, he DC'ed one dose of pumicourt, DC'ed er Xopenex and increased her Aldactone. We are now trying to wean her from her O2. He told us to keep her sats at 92 and we are hoping the aldactone will help with the weaning process. Yesterday was A's first trip to the zoo. Unfortunately, mom forgot the camera- and her bottle.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Goal and Update

We have had an eventful few weeks. Addisyn was back in the hospital for pnuemonia and I think that was the hardest 2 weeks so far. It was rough in the NICU, but when you bring your baby home, she is yours. To have to bring her back there and watch as they put a central line in and paralyze and sedate your baby was horrible.

Now onto better news. We are WITHOUT the feeding tube and nippling 4 oz feeds. Yay! She got to try her Passey Muir Valve (speaking valve) and it didn't work so well, so we have to wait until she is bigger.

Now for my goal. My goal is to get people from as many states as I can to form a March of Dimes team for Addisyn next year.