PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things are Better Every Day

Addy had her appointment with the ENT last week. They were running an hour behind, so it was difficult to keep her busy that long. I found it sad that Dr M knows her by Addy now. You know you have been seeing a Dr for a long time when he knows your child by her nickname. He has been following her since she was a tiny little newborn in the NICU.
Dr M listened to her and said he didn't hear any squeeky noises from the tracheomalacia, which means it must be resolving pretty well. It was determined that her stoma still has a little tiny depression that air can escape when she is really upset. Otherwise, he doesn't think anything is coming out or in. In about year, he will remove the scar tissue and close the stoma. We got the OK to sent back all of our equipment. We are keeping the oxygen and pulse-ox for another winter to see how she does. I have a feeling we won't be needing it anymore, but I am not ready to give it up just yet.