PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Friday, November 27, 2009

Surprise, Surpise!

Things have been so busy around here. My semester is about over, the holidays are rapidly aproaching and things are moving so fast that my head is spinning. I hate curve balls, but when you have a child like Addy, you learn to take them. I can't believe how far we have come in the past year. Addisyn is 13 months now and 26 lbs! She is such a happy kid. By looking at her today, you would never know that she was ever so tiny.

So, we got some "news" about a week ago at her ENT appointment. Her ENT wants to do another broncoscopy- she wasn't supposed to have on until february. if all looks well he wants to cap and decannulate her- for you lay people, that means pulling out the trach. I was shocked to hear this as after her last bronch, he said it would be a while. Her pulmonologist is positive and thinks she can do this. I, however am not so sure. Maybe it is because I have become accustomed to believing that the trach would not come out until the spring, or even a year later. I had just accepted the trach as a long term part of our lives and that she would have it "indefinitely". I can't imagine life without it. I just can't grasp a reality of the trach not being a part of our lives- or maybe I just don't want to just yet. It has become a security blanket for me. I know her like the back of my hand. With the trach gone, I will be entering into a whole new world with her. Her bronch is scheduled for Dec 7, however she hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days so if she doesn't return to 100% well soon, it will be postponed. So far, she is rapidly recovering from her illness, so I am optimistic that she will be fine. Only Addy can tell us what she is ready for.