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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back on Cpap

Well, Addisyn put up a good fight for the past 2 weeks with her cannula trying to be a big girl, but today she told everyone she needed a little extra help. They did a chest X-ray and it was very cloudy. Her lung sacs were closing and she was starting to shut down. She was desating quite a bit last night to the point where she needed to be bagged. I was pretty bummed for a few minutes, but she seemed so comfortable on the CPAP. Her breathing wasn't labored, her little nose was getting a break from the high flow and she was finally satting high on low oxygen. Her sats were in the high to mid 90's and her oxygen was at 25% when I left. On the cannula, it was usually around 40% and she would desat quickly. The last time she had a setback, she went back to the vent for a few days, but after they put her back on CPAP, she was smooth sailing and went to the cannula after 2 days. I am hoping this extra help will help her progress faster when she graduates back to the cannula. I am also hoping that the CPAP doesn't interfere with her feeds like it did last time. She was also given meds for reflux (reglan). When the dr said he was going to give her Reglan, it sounded like rideline. He said the rideline is for him.

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