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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another busy week....

Last week, Addisyn had her 6 month appt and shots. It went well, however the redness around her trach was not going away with Nystatin, so her pediatrician did a culture. It came back with a mild staph infection, so we were given an antibiotic gel and all seems to be getting better now. Addisyn is now 14 lbs 4 oz, and in the 10% for her actual age. She is in the 25% for her height and her peanut head still hasn't caught up yet.

Addisyn is discovering her hands this week. She will lie and look at them and then reach out for whatever she wants to touch. Yesterday, she was amused by batting at my face. This week we had pulmonology, GI and speech. Not much changed pulm-wise. Soon we are going to start talking about when the trach comes out. It won't be within the next 6 months and will be a "wait and see." We should have a better idea sometime in early summer. Speech is working with her on her PMV (speaking valve). Today she wore it while she took her bottle and she finished it much quicker than normal. We were also given the recipe to mix baby oatmeal instead of simply thick. Hopefully it will take care of some of her belly troubles.

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Lisa said...

Excellent job on drinking with the PMV on, Gage still has troubles.

Good job on growing Addisyn Grace, and to you Mommy!